Equipment & Build-out

Manufacturer Uses Creative Financing Strategy to Acquire New Revenue-generating Equipment

The Customer

Organization Type:
Biological Product Manufacturer


Project Scope:
Equipment and Build-out

First American

  • Highly-customized solutions
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast cash reimbursements
  • Flexible schedules
  • Complete program management

The Challenge: 

As a biological product manufacturer serving NICUs across the country, this company relies on its laboratory and production equipment in order to conduct business. However, this equipment requires a significant capital investment. As a growing business, this company sought a cost-effective strategy to both manage and pay for a large upcoming project with $2-million in equipment and related build-out expenses.

Our Solution:

First American was able to provide a custom solution to match the company’s unique situation by using an 84-month capital lease to align the payments with the equipment’s useful life. First American also reimbursed the company for a portion of the project that was already in progress to help smooth out cash flows and roll the entire project into one easy monthly payment.

Business Impact:

By consolidating all of the equipment, build-out and installation expenses into one lease, the company streamlined the day-to-day management of a highly complex project. First American’s dedicated Project Manager alleviated a significant administrative burden for the company by handling tasks like placing vendor orders, tracking deliveries, and auditing vendor invoices. Thanks to the flexibility of leasing this revenue-generating equipment, versus buying it outright, the company eliminated a large budget spike for its growing business. With a solid funding strategy in place, focus can now return to the important company mission of improving the quality of life for our country’s most fragile premature infants.

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